Photo credit: Talia Green

Photo credit: Talia Green

The Girl with the Miss Piggy Tattoo

Writer, editor, presenter, comedian, cultural critic, amateur cartoonist, rebel, and TV enthusiast. Doing more than filling in the lorem ipsum since 2010.

Superpowers include: adapting tone and voice for any audience, turning something dull into something magnetic, an insatiable curiosity, and getting things done at lightning speed.

What Critics are Saying About Carla Sparks:

a cultural canary
"Up to any task and doesn't 'sh*t the bed'."
"Inherently competent"
I should have known that when I sent you my family’s Christmas card photo, you would Photoshop it in front of the poster for ‘Jingle All the Way.’ Thank you for such an interesting take on my request.
Like a funny Katniss Everdeen.
Not a basic b*tch. She actually delivers and leads.
"Whenever Carla is involved with a project, you feel better because she'll do it well."
Totally fearless, except when it comes to dying alone in her home and her dogs eating her body before anyone finds her.