Seattle Reproductive Medicine Egg Freezing Campaign

To introduce Seattle Reproductive Medicine's new egg freezing clinic, we produced an integrated campaign rooted in the insight that many women choose to freeze their eggs to create peace of mind for themselves.

We created a mix of transit, out of home, digital, and social ads, plus an event concept to launch the new clinic and encourage women to consider and embrace the pressure relief that can come with egg freezing.


"Lady Life" Station Domination

We turned an entire light rail station into an interactive board game called "Lady Life," that encouraged people to discover and confront pressure-filled situations that regularly in a woman's life and cause her to consider the question of motherhood. The tone was relatable and fresh, while avoiding feeling grim or overly clinical. Landing Page

We helped Seattle Reproductive Medicine design, organize, and launch a custom landing page for their new egg freezing clinic. The work included prudent copy edits and recommendations (making doctor speak sound more approachable), and a series of patient testimonials to demystify the process.